Quarry is a multimedia installation by the environmental artist and sculptor, Lorna Green – her work is inspired by, and related to the nature, history and people in the various places she visits. In 2009, Lorna and fellow artist Jeff Teasdale created The Festival Labyrinth sited on the Middlewood Way at Grimshaw Lane, Bollington in memory of Dr John Coope, the founder of the Bollington Festival. The stone that was used for The Festival Labyrinth came from Endon Quarry on Windmill Lane in Kerridge and she has also used it for several of her other projects. But more important is her affection for the place (under Kerridge Ridge) and the relationships with the people who work there. Over a year in the making, Quarry comprises four short films which show different aspects of the life and work, landscape, flora and fauna at Endon Quarry with the soundtracks composed by Julia Harding. The making of Quarry was supported by a Bursary from Manchester Academy of Fine Arts (MAFA).

The hills around Endon Quarry in Kerridge have been part of the landscape of Bollington and Macclesfield for millions of years but it is only in relatively recent times that the stone there has been quarried and that the iconic White Nancy has been added to this. I like the idea that White Nancy now watches over us all! For all my lifetime, it has been a privilege and pleasure to have this wonderful mixture of natural and man-made landscape on my doorstep.

The word Quarry is derived from ‘quadra’, meaning four. As well as the tiles made in quarries, this also refers to the diamond or lozenge-shapes that formed the background to ornate patterns in much of our stained glass.

The music played by our ancestors in ancient times is unknown, so I have taken some of our earliest recorded music (plainsong of the Christian church) and folksongs and used these as a basis for the music in these pieces.

Water, Mud, Snow

This starts with motifs based on the plainsong (roughly translated as), Water of the mountain summit gushes forth in darts and the river of calm trails down. The longer second section is based on slow-changing sequences of fourths and disguised version of Mud, Glorious Mud.

Machines Story

This is based on a melody derived from the plainsong for the Feast of St Agnes (Nancy was a nickname for Agnes) The mountains and hills sing to praise God and all the forests applaud and converted into a 1:8:1:7 pattern which corresponds with the year that White Nancy was built. The tune reappears to reflect the unchanging nature of the work undertaken in the quarry. The shooting club is also an important part of the quarry’s community.

Quarry Landscape

This is based on the plainsong Flowers appear on our earth at the beginning with freely-arranged references to the folksongs All in a Garden Green and Northern Nancy.

Birds, Bees and Butterflies

This is based on a simple pattern which is harmonised in three parts, Flowers appear on our earth appears in a different guise and an original tune accompanies the bee-keeping sequence before the chord pattern reappears for the butterflies.